Day Twenty Seven - Where do you feel 'un-authorized' to be?

Hey today I want to wake you up, shake you up a little about self-imposed limitations you have placed on yourself. I hear them in my pastoring, my loving, my leading and my coaching. I see them on social media (although we pretend that we do not have them).

I do not think we can cross the thresh hold of 2021 well until we call them what they are and identify them so we can offer them to Jesus as honest worship and to others so that we can have people in our corner, calling out our best.

You usually don't come forward without breaking some kind of limitation that has been on your life. Do you know where they are in you? When you see them do you fall into a shame spiral, or do you see it as an invitation to need Jesus even more?

Zelophehad's daughters wrote a new chapter in history. They dared to "go out" from their living place, from their social space, from the destiny imposed on them. Let's imagine the scene: the Israelite camp is formed of tribes, each of whom has a determined place, with the Tabernacle in the middle; and in the centre stand the main authority figures, all of them men: Moses, the priest Eleazar, and the chieftains. Imposing as this structure may have been, the five sisters decide to claim their rights. Together, they go out of their tents, without being called by anyone, to the place where only the high-ranking men congregate, to the place of holiness and authority, to a place where women did not have authority.

When do you feel 'un-authorised to be?' Why?

Break rank is defined as:

To leave an assigned position in a military formation

To disagree with, defect from, or refuse to support one’s peers

So what is your rank? What is your assigned position? Where do you see yourself before others and before God? What do you say about yourself? I am ‘just’ a mother… I am ‘only’ 21