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Day Twenty - Prayer and Rescue

We are raising four daughters. This Journey is not for the faint hearted. My second daughter, who is open to people knowing a little more about her private world, has been in a very dark place over the last few years and we have seen psychiatrists, doctors, therapists and are processing years of trauma that has been held in her beautiful mind. And w ware holding on tightly. The world that they live in, the conversations they are having, the opinions they form from google and social media, the unrelenting onslaught of the world around them .. it is a constant battle to contend for kingdom of heaven on their earth. And do it all with love, grace, and ultimately heart connection.

There are 366 scriptures that speak about inheritance in the Bible. And I often replace them with the word Legacy. It means the same thing in scripture. My forty days of focus on this over the years took me through a few of these scriptures and I could have gone on for the rest of the year (and probably will at some point).

This man we referred to earlier in the blogs Abram, was the first man to really bring the word inheritance before the Lord. God had promised Abram a ‘land’ to go and possess and children who would live in that land.

He had begun his journey to that promised land with his nephew Lot but as they

were all growing as a community there wasn’t enough room for them to continue travelling together so they went their separate ways.

In Genesis 14 Abram heard that his nephew had been captured in a town called Sodom. So Abram took 3 ALLIES WITH HIM to go and rescue his family. He also took with him 318 SERVANTS with him to fight against the enemy. He brought back his family, all the women and children, the possessions, the goods.

Abram knew the promises of God for inheritance and land had been a promise

for his family too. So even though his family ended up somewhere that was so

destructive and was holding them captive, Abram refused to let them die there.

I love that these daughters of Z teach us (years on in scripture) the same principal. The inheritance they were fighting for was not just for them but for their family and all those still to come.

It is day 20 and I love what this journey has stirred in people so far, but I just know that there is more. I have been in coaching groups with you, one-to-one sessions, leadership moments, and generally in all my conversations right now .. I just sense this boldness is not just for us.

Sometimes fighting for our family to possesses the same promises over our life is such a huge battle. Some of us have family (natural and spiritual) near and far that are living in devastating and destructive situations. I want to encourage you – refuse to be passive in your fight for their destiny and their promise.

Abram found:

- THREE ALLIES .. people who were on the same page for the same cause


serving with him enough to go with him to rescue this family.

The daughters of Z had FIVE SISTERS…

Whether you have three other believers in your own family to begin praying for everyone else in your family, or five spiritual sisters who will stand with you, or 318 people who will fight with you … family matters enough to be

acknowledging the true battle going on.

I have had this vision of 318 people all standing together believing for their families to come to know Jesus and experience breakthrough. I don’t know when or how it will happen – but I see it so clearly.

Maybe we could start the group online here in todays blog….

If you are believing for some of your family to know Jesus, for members of your

family to move beyond destructive lifestyles and broken situations then comment below in the blog. We don’t need to know detail on here.

We can stand together and one day possibly see 318 comments indicating 318 people who are willing to see their family redeemed and on the journey to possessing their promised land!

Even if its just three people – well Abram had three allies and even that was enough to reclaim his family.

As I began praying this way earlier on in the year God had really stirred me to be

praying for some special people in our family. A few days in to these prayers Andrew received a phone call saying some of them had just been in a near fatal accident and they didn’t know how they got out of it alive. Andrew was able to share that I had just began praying for them quite specifically over those last few

days. They received that well because they knew someone or something had saved them all from dying. Prayer works my friend!

Can you begin to pray again BOLD, AUDACIOUS PRAYERS OVER YOUR FAMILY!!

Nothing else ever will change them in the same way that praying will.

Love you girls xxx

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