Day Twenty Five - Home

At this time of year I always review my commitments and responsibilities, passions and plans in the context of the turning of a new year and any unfolding dynamics in my marriage, my motherhood and my life personally.

I did ask myself, my husband and a few friends those questions lately and i think it is super healthy and helpful to do.

I am passionate about the local church, and not just mine. It is not because I am a pastor either. It is because I honestly believe ‘she’ is the hope of the world. So anything I can do to strengthen her, then I am all in.

I am convinced that when humanity longs for a homecoming it’s a woman’s touch that calls people ‘home’ to the House of God.

Your feminine heart and strength SCREAMS ‘welcome home’ to all those who are still to come.

I see a picture of these ‘daughters of Z’ fighting for more than land – it was for a sense of HOME FOR THE GENERATIONS TO COME.

Even the dialogue they were in amongst the leaders, priest and congregation was a momentary picture of what was to come in local churches all across the earth.. where women take their place and stand for what is right and just.

So I have a few thoughts today on making the house God has planted you in feel like home – both to you and those who are to come…(and if you are already completely planted and flourishing then I pray this would still encourage you)

1.Home is where your heart is – is your heart here?

(when I say ‘here’ I mean wherever ‘here’ is for you in your local church)