Day Twelve - The Because of Your Boldness

I lead people and life coach people everyday. I notice so often when I ask my clients to fill out an intake form, that the most difficult question they have to answer on my form is ... what are your strengths and what are you best known for?

They struggle to share their strengths or their gifts, or what makes them most unique.

I want to encourage you to take all of who you have been designed to be and boldly plant your feet in that place, fully YOU! Spiritual gifts, unique design, values you hold dear, faith that matters so deeply to you.. all of who you are ... and just show up! Just your presence alone and you actively living and leading and loving within your grace zone will show people who God really is.

That is what I think makes you stand out well and carry kingdom effectiveness. Be you. Know your because. If you walk away, who will put their feet into that territory? Your presence matters.

That is what this journey has been doing for me. It is helping me re-clarify again my 'because' for my whole life. My 'why'. My passion points and even what I know I am good at. I love helping people see their life as an integrated whole. Connecting spirit, soul and body. Helping people find freedom. It makes me come alive, and I believe it makes a difference in other people's lives.

We walk with a different boldness when we know our 'because'

I love what these daughters of Z in Numbers were standing for

- inheritance

- legacy

- renaming

- generational blessing

- advocating on behalf of wome