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Day Three - When life hands you a portion that is not your promise

These first few days of our journey I want you to begin to feel what these girls must have first been contemplating when they discovered they were not getting the portion of land because they were girls.

What would have gone through their mind? Would they have accepted that straight away and laid down and felt victimized? Or would they have known deep down instinctively that there is more to our future than this? What would they have said to one another?

Out of the five girls and their various personalities and design, I wonder which girls wanted to fight, wanted to flight or just froze. What do you do when your heart receives disappointing news? What is your natural reaction?

The thing that I do know. They would have committed to placing one foot in front of the other. One bold, brave step. Even walking away from the news of what they had not been allotted was a step.

One permission-giving thought ‘this does not have to be it’ whispered when bad news comes, is all you need to develop a new neural pathway. One moment to refuse what was just spoken over you. It’s one choice at a time. One deep breath. One ability to laugh when it doesn’t go as planned.

The key is to not let what was ‘allotted‘ to you, define you. Let it awaken you to a revelation ‘no... there is more for me’.

One of those women decided ‘there must be a loophole in this law somewhere. Let’s go find it!’

Do you have one of those friends .. always looking for solution? I do. And I actually love them, even though everything in my flesh wants to enjoy the comfort of not moving or just accepting the situation as it is.

The moment I want you to place yourself in today is when they might have first seen something like a loophole in the Law, but they needed to give it more TIME to drill down on, study, wait on, hide in their heart and not reveal too early.

Sometimes we think boldness is moving, when it is actually pausing. Breathing. Taking that adrenal rushing through your body and calming down.

It could feel like your whole world shifted but it’s still not the right time to move forward.

I call these moments ‘Mary’ moments when the Holy Spirit spoke to her and she ‘hid these things in her heart’ (Luke 2:19). It’s like I have seen something that I can’t unsee, and everything has shifted, but nothing has changed!

So you wait, you watch, you look at the promise given with a fresh perspective and now everything you hear sounds different, but you know you have not quite got the details enough to reveal it yet to anyone, or even articulate it to your Father in Heaven.

And again, that’s ok!

So open your eyes to the ‘loophole in the law’ like these Jewish girls found. For you it could be a ‘loophole in the way things have been tracking’ and it doesn’t have to be how you enter a new season, but rather than rush forward, wait. Hold it in your heart because you haven’t quite got the words.

So let me encourage you today, those moments when life disburses you an assigned portion, refuse to accept that as the ultimate plan. Take one step at a time. That step could just be to stop, and breathe. This you can control.

With you in the new terrain

Vanessa x

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