Day Three - When life hands you a portion that is not your promise.

To all my Southern Hemisphere girls it’s Sunday and sunny! So this may feel a little irrelevant to you today as I share about my Saturday. But all my Northern Hemisphere girls you get it ❤️

I don‘t know what your day held, but mine involved Christmas Tree shopping on a farm in freezing cold conditions with teenagers that I had to convince to come with us because they may have some good opportunities for selfies 😜. Because that’s how you bribe teens!

The reason why I decided to embark on this adventure today is because I was so mindful of this commitment to intention. Saturday’s can be so unintentional for us that they constantly escape us as a family. And I am the worst at planning! And the worst at making decisions. But today I refused to live under this same pattern.

I asked myself ‘where do I want my feet to step on this Saturday’ and the answer quickly came - ‘memory making/legacy/fun/‘. Not quite Sure if it was fun, but it was memory making (and cold!)

So I am grateful for this journey with you all.

These daughters we are studying eventually receive their inheritance (Joshua 17:3–6). It was a journey and took a while but the bottom line is they received what was rightfully theirs to


This story features very strongly in Jewish culture and custom and we will unpack its impact even in today’s society throughout these 40 days.

The Da