Day Thirty Two - Come celebrate with me friends, raise your glasses, a toast to life, to love….

We did the BEST trick ever last night ... we opened all our presents on Christmas Eve so my nine year old had no reason to wake up early ... why have we never done this before.

So my Christmas morning was spent in bed catching up on a few days of devotions and blogs and actually really reflecting on the decade gone. Best Christmas morning and now we are prepping for an amazing brunch (well locally in my world if you know Gifty.. our gift in a big sister - see instagram story soon - she is prepping CREPES!!!

But today I want to talk about wine (Maybe cause it's the season!!)

Song of songs 1:2-3

Kiss me—full on the mouth!

‘Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth’ Yes! For your love is better than wine,