Day Thirty Six - A Love Letter To Your Body

We have decided to road trip this week with our daughters to chase sun! It is a 24 hour drive that we have done over two nights. The further we drive south (cause we are northern hemisphere) the warmer it gets and the sweater can be packed away, then the next morning as we keep driving, the girls can wear shorts instead of sweat pants. But with our white non-sun touched skin, I notice we also begin hating on our bodies the more it is being exposed.

Half my blog readers live in the Southern Hemisphere and must be mindful of this everyday of your summer.

Then I think about crossing the threshold of a new year and all the resolutions that we will make around our body.

I have also been coaching and pastoring people working through some deep trauma in their past lately, and recognizing that psychologists will talk a lot about body love and body hate but I am not convinced they are giving a well rounded recipe for taking healing steps.

It made me think about the powerful exercise we have engaged in as women’s movements across the years. It came from reading a blog called A Love Letter To My Body. Read it here

As I was reading again about these daughters of Zelophehad and thought about how they physically had to come forward and show up. In todays post I want to talk about the power of showing up BODY, soul and spirit!

I used to feel so uncomfortable whenever anyone told me that who I was as a woman was beautiful, strong, powerful or captivating. I found myself among the masses of women who did not value their femininity even though my upbringing had taught me the kingdom story of worth, dignity and value. The revelation had not seeped into my feminine heart. So I joined the ranks of millions and millions of women that have gone before us and still remain today who have no sense of worth and value.

And I HID… in the shadows.. I stayed out of so many arenas … I wouldn’t SHOW UP because I didn’t like who I was. The arena I resisted longest positioning myself in was in fact the perceived big bad uncomfortable world of womanhood…