Day Thirty Four - When Heaven's Yes Encourages Our Yes

I woke up today with this thought about 'heaven's YES'. It is Christmas today here. I woke so grateful for the Trinity's 'yes'. When we pull back Jesus draws near. That alone is an invitation to keep saying 'yes' on this journey.

Then I think of a Mary’s YES in a barn.... today ....

So today I reflected again on my 'why' and my 'yes' and that felt quite important to do on Christmas in my devotions

These daughters said ‘yes’ to something that had such generational impact and such ‘now’ impact. Yes can happen when we don’t box what an opportunity looks like

Opportunity can be wrapped in many different boxes.

Opportunity for me has looked like a whole lot of serving and a whole lot of preparation.

Opportunity for me has looked like valuing each individual as important and more than a crowd.

Opportunity has looked like months of sickness when I was pregnant.

Opportunity has looked like pain and grief

Opportunity has looked like inconvenience

Jesus life was full of interruptions that looked like it was diverting him from his destinations – but they all became part of his destiny. Sometimes, as a mum and a leader, I do think we are stewarding a generation that needs to be reminded of the power in the inconvenient yes. This is where my resilience was nurtured.

It’s the power of YES. It is often an inconvenient YES when I just wanted to say NO....

Below is a long (so scan it as quick as you want!) list of my often inconvenient yes moments. You might want to write yours out at some point because I believe it gives strength to your present and your future:

My heart said Yes to Jesus in a warehouse in Sydney when my head said NO I don't want to count the cost of freedom