Day Thirty Five - How Do You Want To Grow in 2020

When I think of crossing the threshold of 2020 I am thinking about a whole decade ahead of us not just one year. One of the questions I am asking myself is about the areas that I want to grow in.

I oversee two Internship Programs, one locally here in our church and one nationally for a women's movement. I am always so blown away by the calibre of people that humble themselves and say I want to not stop growing.

Then I see the people who seem to think they really are either not good enough or think they are too good to want to position themselves in environments of training and development. Both sadden me.

I think it is always worth looking at the lies you believe when it comes to growing. We have talked about these daughters who learnt to break rank from their assigned position in society. One of the aspects of these daughters that all commentators agree upon is that for them to change the law of the day they needed to come into that arena educated in the ways of the TORAH (the Holy text.)

These women know their law and history. They use the fact that their father was not involved in Korah’s rebellion (Numbers 16) as evidence to support his (and their) claim to the land. They know that the continuity of family name depends on inheritance of the land; and they realize that the current law is not adequate, for it does not take into account the unusual circumstances of a man without sons.

They were smart enough to recognise this omission in God's law! But because they consider God's law to be just, they show no hesitation in pointing out