Day Thirty Eight - Arenas of Influence That Need You

As I hear about this Bold Journey for you all, I can’t help but highlight some of you who have been called very specifically to the arena of marketplace, education, science, media, political and community influence.

Some of my recent coaching clients have been women already positioned in these arenas or stepping intentionally into this space. And in 2021 I am excited to be collaborating with an amazing friend and coach, Cathie Ostapchuk, to coach female leaders from around the world.

I want to encourage you today that if boldness means starting something new, or in a new location, space or arena, (despite the season of small beginnings and hiddenness that I wrote about yesterday), it is worth it when God calls your name and invites you into that space!

I want to celebrate your resourcefulness and the resourcefulness of the daughters of Z.

For these women to come forward would have taken not only boldness and confidence as well as planning and intentionality in what they were going to present, but some scholars say they may have also been women who were resourced enough

to have studied and would have held a good reputation in the community.

Today I wanted to celebrate all those women who feel called to engage levels of society to influence. It could be in business, in family, in education or in finance.

There was a woman in the first century church found in Acts 16 and her name was Lydia and she was known as the Lydian lady. She sold purple fabric and that is how she was known. They also called her the purple lady.

We know she was a widow who had survived real heart ache and loss – like many of you on this journey – so strong, resilient, courageous and survivors!

We know that she had renounced her old religion – the worship of pagan gods and had converted to Judaism –