Day Thirteen (28 days left of this decade!)

Today this image undid me...

So much so that I could actually not write my daily blog and I just had to go to sleep (that’s what number 9’s on the Enneagram do when they get overwhelmed :)

One of our spiritual daughters, Gifty, helps me design all these gorgeous images ahead of time (I am totally not that gifted and if you need anything design or website you should reach out to her!) and as I went to find out what image she had for day 13, I saw this image above, and just wept.

You see, last month our whole world was rocked when we heard news that they were shifting some immigration laws in Quebec that had the potential to impact us (it has all since calmed down now and is totally life as normal for now), but on that very day I received an email from our immigration lawyer I was also given a prophecy from a girl, who I discern, is a trusted source.

Some people, but not many, would know that relocating here to Quebec, Canada has been our richest and most difficult season of our life. All at once. As is quite normal.

Here is a little background to our story if you may not know ..

This part of my story begins with a whisper, a word, a wish and why (as we talked about yesterday for your ’because’)

The whisper in 2013 was ‘raise the sails of your boat I am about to blow a fresh wind into them to set sail into places you have never experienced before’

So I began trying to interpret that whisper in all the natural ways you can. You then try and search out what change means and you even nearly try and force it yourself.

The word was ‘leave your country, your fathers house for a land I will show you’ in Genesis 12.

This passage went on to teach me that this was not just about me, it was about the

generations, it was about travelling light, forgetting my past, trusting the Lord

and moving into the greatest adventure of our life.