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Day Ten - Holy Ground Is Where You Are

I believe women play a huge part in the salvation story of our world. I heard the Lord say ..

I am about to WIDEN YOUR WORLD. I am about to OPEN UP THE WORLD.

I believe this is for ALL OF YOU GIRLS.

Romans 10

“Whoever will call on the name of the Lord shall be saved…

how can people invoke his name when they do not believe?

How can they believe when they have not heard?

How can they hear if there is no voice proclaiming him?

How can some give voice to the truth if they are not sent by God?

As Isaiah said “ah how beautiful are the feet of those who proclaim the good news of victory, of peace and of liberation”

This scripture is probably my second 'why/because'. It is what I think about as I walk the neighbourhood streets, or think about calling, vocation and mission. Or empower other woman to keep showing up because people need your voice and your presence.

Here is something you need to know today..

1) There is something beautiful about your presence

There is so much beauty in your presence – in just who you are –

Song of Songs calls it ‘quintessentially feminine’…(Song of Songs 7)

The pure essence of femininity …

There is strength, virtue, courage, the ability to nurture, insight, gift, talent, measure, capacity (and capability), intuition, resilience, depth & authenticity in woman – she COMPLIMENTS humanity and the world we live in.

I truly believe she makes the world a better place – just by being there, showing up in rooms and spaces as fresh air. In who you are as female, carrying the nature and character of God.

In your presence is the good news of ‘victory, peace & liberation’. Do you know you have been sent by God?

2) There is something beautiful about your position

What is beautiful about where your feet position you?

Your feet take you AWAY from somewhere and TOWARDS somewhere…

I believe some of you have to walk ‘away’ from something, someone, somewhere before you will ever go TOWARDS your future even in this next year.

It's not always fast, it needs to be paced. Because there is something about ‘over-striding’ that causes so much pressure on your body!

Sometimes it’s the small steps but make them a little quicker

You are graced for MOVEMENT FORWARD
You are graced to take ONE STEP AT A TIME
You are graced for only YOUR OWN JOURNEY

There is power in your story/journey/your own path.

There are “rooms” and places you find yourself in that are right and of God – they have brought you to a place to understand people ..What is this sacred place you have found yourself standing in? Where is holy ground for you? Tell us more about your entrusted world?

We want to know this world of yours

Share in the comments below or over in our FB group


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