Day Seventeen - When People Need Your Presence at the Party

We have been making some big decisions around a home in this season, and the one anchoring non-negotiable is that we feel so planted in our neighbourhood that we can’t move very far at all.

I really do love the people I have been called to live amongst. Every conversation that I hAbe at the moment involves questions around meaning, purpose, relationships, wisdom, clarity and direction for their lives.

Somehow the Christmas season collides with the end of year fatigue and the existential meaning of life questions. And even more this year.

So tonight as I head off to bed, I want to suggest a few ways that I personally walk this journey with authenticity and boldness.

You need to understand that everywhere you go, your carry Purpose, you carry Peace, you carry Presence. You carry Jesus into rooms. So be B.O.L.D

1. B - Be yourself. God has designed you uniquely. You are the right person, at the right place, at the right time. Do not try and be anyone but yourself.

2. O - Observe the room and wait for the right opportunity for 'WHO' the Holy Spirit would lead you to connect with. This can feel awkward and make you want to leave prematurely. But wait if you can. Watch the dynamic and be led by the Spirit.

3. L - When you do find someone .. Listen ...because not many people feel really heard. You can ask questions and actively engage in that person's world

4. D - Go deeper to where people's pain point is and you will discover your 'WHY' for God needing you in that room, at that party, for that purpose

I will leave you with my favourite author'as thoughts on the Ministry of Presence (and although here in MTL we are in a further lockdown .. let’s not forget what presence means!