Day Nineteen - Circles of Trust

White space ... that’s what this image reminds me of. And we need more of it in our lives. Waiting. Listening.

Space and time to still. To listen to our own souls speak. The essence of who we are and the excess of who we are needs a meeting place so truth can form here.

This boldness journey continues to bring me to my knees in gratitude. If not on my knees, it is making me pause and be so aware that this is all from heaven, to invade our earth. This in itself is true legacy.

So my day involved a drive downtown to get my daughters drivers license! What??? I am not old enough. It was full circle to where we had to go as immigrants when we first landed in this country. Something felt so surreal that it’s been nearly five years.

It was a strange feeling, reflecting on everything that has taken place since we showed up to that place not knowing a single person here in Quebec except for maybe 5 people who had found us on FB.

Then I attend to a day of work, emails, team, end of year budgets, 2020 planning and more. I pinch myself we get to do this when just four years ago this church did not even exist.

Then as a mum of teenagers I was navigating today, growing up and threshold conversations about trust, independence, responsibility, therapy, relationship. Big big life conversations. I pinch myself that I get to do this, and ask Jesus to love my children perfectly, because I do it so imperfectly!

I come home to Christmas Tree decorating. And young kids having playground fights. So then we discuss forgiveness and boundaries and kindness. I pinch myself that I get to do this. And make them call their friends to make-up! Because you can with a nine year old :)

Then I launch an anthem to this journey we are on (more on that tomorrow!). And with great grace, anticipation and honour, I welcome two more individual clients onto this journey with me to explore some one-to-one coaching as they cross the threshold of a new decade. I pinch myself that I get to do this.

And tonight it all culminated in an open fire side online group with those girls who have jumped onto the private FB group. And all that I had felt to explore was something called a Circle of Trust.

Holy listening—to “listen” another’s soul into life, into a condition of disclosure and discovery, may be almost the greatest service that any human being ever performs for another.