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Day Nine - The Both/And of Boldness

When we first begun this Bold Journey a few years ago I received a prophecy from one of the girls in our community with us at the time.. The Lord said that I can either be here in Quebec on this journey wearing flip flops (an Aussie would say ‘thongs’) or I could also choose army boots! Or both!

And this spoke so deeply to me about how to keep walking out the journey here in Quebec. I chose both. I choose both. I love that He gives me a choice. He does to you too. I want the brightness of the sun, the smell of ocean, the feeling of sand under my feet.... I want all the fresh air of that life & I am committed to warring for new territory and the unrelenting leadership responsibilities, . I choose both. I believe He will give me 'pauses and punctuations' of places I can wear flip flops, to reinvigorate me for the road ahead in my army boots.

I see this naturally and figuratively.

So when my husband (last year in the midst of the most challenging leadership season of our whole entire life) says 'I am so committed to Quebec and doing whatever it takes to see her reawakening, are you with me?' ... I chose to say again, yes....Trusting that I can do it wearing both my flip flops and my army boots.

And this year we made that choice again. As leaders, immigrants and missionaries to a land that we felt called to. Our journey is just one big choice to wide, open, spacious YES.

So is yours.

This story is not about moving or the cost of leadership.

It is about the choice YOU have in the spaces God is calling you to.

What if you see your assignment as an invitation rather than an obligation?

What is God giving you choices in right now?

What style of shoes symbolise the way you want to take this new ground and enter this new terrain?

Bold can mean both..

Or one..

Or the other ..

Or none

You genuinely have agency and are empowered to choose.

And will be deeply loved in all of these choices.


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