Day Fourteen - How Beautiful The Feet

This Bold Steps Journey that we are on is all about this image of these daughters of Z and the courageous walk they had to take surely and steadily through a crowd right into the meeting place of Moses.

What they were contending for had inheritance, legacy, future in mind. They were ushering new revelation that would impact so many others to come after them. They were female doing this. Women have such an incredible part to play in the story of redemption.

I love my neighbourhood and we have been on a journey about moving house, as the home we are in has always felt like a temporary place due to its awkward size for my kids and their spaces. But we hold this journey so lightly. And i choose to hold it trusting and grateful. Lately though we nearly chose a home outside of the neighborhood we live in now. It was only ten minutes away but it really was out of our town in another suburb. It felt like the right thing to do financially but both my husband and I could not shake the feeling that we were not meant to leave our town.

I genuinely believe that our presence in our town is important. And I love walking my neighbourhood and praying God invade Hudson with Heaven!! In Hudson as in heaven! And it just flows (because anyone that knows me knows that i love words that flow)

So this place we are believing for is still in our town, very central to the part of town that we love.

I believe women play a huge part in the salvation story of our world. Like the image above, you may feel often like you are walking a narrow pathway, walled in at each side. But two days ago i heard the Lord say .. I am about to WIDEN YOUR WORLD

I believe this is for ALL OF YOU GIRLS TOO

Today I want to tell you to keep walking, one bold step at a time.

Romans 10

“Whoever will call on the name of the Lord shall be saved…