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Day Four - Who Are Your People?

These daughters that walked boldly into their destiny - were FIVE!! There is something significant about that number (biblically the number five represents man’s weakness but God’s grace)

So let’s think about your FIVE.

Who are your people?
What are the roles that you carry in life and whom do you serve?

I function these days as different things to different groups of people.

  1. I am a wife to the love of my life, he is my strong, resilient hero and I am his safe place.

  2. I am a mother to four stunning daughters. Often that feels like taxi-driver, therapist, negotiator and banker!

  3. I am a friend to people in my neighborhood and across the nations.

  4. I am a pastoral leader, who leads with the spiritual gift of discernment and exhortation.

  5. I am a Life & Leadership Coach and who helps people live in their grace zone.

These are the five people groups that I believe that I am called to serve right now with my best. And as you notice in a few of the statements I am also saying what I bring to the dynamic.

You would have this list as well. These are the ones you hold tight and high five (not literally .... but connect. pray for, champion, carry and hold them high up to God regularly)

And that is what the open handed image is to me. It’s ‘Lord I surrender all of who I am and all of whom I serve .. back to you!‘

So today ask yourself:

  1. Who are my people I hold in my hand before the Lord to serve? And what strengths do I bring?

  2. And who are my people who hold me in their hand before the Lord?

Both these names which you answer with will be significantly and strategically in your life for a reason. And if you can’t identify them yet I believe that the Lord will reveal them to you.

They matter deeply in the steps you will take to live bold.

Love you xx

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