Day Eleven - The Divine Dance of Desire and Destiny

There are other women in the scriptures who inspire boldness in me. There would be for you also. In the same lineage as the daughters is actually Abraham and Sarah (remember I referenced them regarding the AH on their names here).

Right now, on this boldness journey I have been really challenged in what parts of me want to be Sarai (which means ‘the princess who strives’) who forces Abram to try and get what God promised them in their own strength (Genesis 16:2) as opposed to Sarah (which means ‘princess who bears future kings of the people’) who has future promised to her that if she trusts in the Lord will produce legacy and laughter (Genesis 18).

*If this study interests you, dive deep into the renaming as it is profound.

Let’s take this revelation and apply it to our own life, my own life. Every time I go to open my mouth to say what I want or what I am believing for I am prompted to discern whether I should stay quiet because I am not sure if I am taking the easy route or it really is the path to promise.

That is one of the very real challenges with boldness. What is boldness based on a promise? Or what is boldness because you just don’t want to walk the narrow road so you ask for the easy way out?

This question enters my mind often in contemplative prayer. I am surrendering again in silence all these desires, hopes and dreams. There is a divine dance in this way. Because I also believe that even if I articulate desire that is not of the Lord, I am expressing my heart to Him and that is where intimacy begins.

I trust that even in the dance back and forth, He will continue to prune away what is not of Him. The key is in the relationship. And the waiting patiently. And responding when He then prompts you to obey in ways that do not seem to make sense.

When Sarai suggested Abram have a baby with their servant Haggai, it was because in her grief and her impatient waiting she wanted God’s promise ‘now’. These have been the times in my life where I just know in my spirit that I am compromising the purposes of God in my life. Read on about what Ishmael produced in his future and just see how this can play out.

I want to be the Sarah with the faith, not the SaraI who strives.

God told me today that He trusts me. He was showing me I won’t make decisions of compromise, convenience and comfort and that He trusts me to keep walking one step at a time and participating in this divine dance between desire and destiny..

He wants some of you to know that too. This boldness journey was so clearly not to be a striving or even this intense directive, pursuit. It was, and is, a journey.

You are heard, seen, known, trusted and loved. Even in your wildest, most barren winter. Don't stop. Journey in steps. That’s all that is required. One step in front of the other.

Thank you so much for taking this journey with me. It has been so special and writing it out loud, although vulnerable, has been powerful.

You are loved

Vanessa xx

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