Day Eleven - It Is About You And Not About You

The day to day stretch of life and love and leadership requires so many daily decisions whether or not to show up! We held a small group tonight that I call ‘Girl Chats’ and this very topic came up. When to stand strong and bold in workplace witness, v. When to love and lead with a relational stance Not a principled stance. It was a real conversation about marketplace and mission, health care industries and true ethics and integrity. And I really loved it because it’s what these young professionals could be mindful of this.

And sometimes seasons of obvious favour can be even more difficult to choose to say yes again. Purely because we get comfortable, or the risk is larger. But we really do need to remember why we are taking bold steps into our future and it never ceases with us.

Both Moses and the daughters had a lot in common because they both knew the favour they would experience from God would not just be about them.

Exodus 13:33 And [Lord, do] consider that this nation is Your people (and don’t forget this is your people and your responsibility)

It’s not just about you but it is about you!!

That’s a phrase people hear a lot around me – “It’s not just about you; but it is about you; but it’s not just about you!”

Moses says consider those around me too Lord – my family, community, city, nation….