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Day Eight - Breathe Out God

Today I walked my local neighbourhood and had a few different encounters with people, that after a few years, have begun to make the connection (I am sure via Facebook) about who I am and what I do. One mum at School pick up said ‘ I stalked you on Facebook and figured out a bit more about your life’.

It makes me so mindful of my invitation to influence in my very normal, everyday steps throughout the context of my community where I live and breathe and do life.

Then of course there is our online presence ... does it align with who we really are?

.. but for me today the woman at the school pick up connecting my private world of local with my public world online and saying it in a complimentary way as she leaned in face to face, actually felt incredible. Because I had been really seeking Holy Spirit about this very thing.

So let me talk today on Day Eight .. a day of new beginnings... about the fresh air that you breathe OUT with every step that you take.

This ‘AH’ that we discovered on the end of each of the daughters names yesterday is the fifth letter of the Hebrew alphabet. It is known as ’HEY’ but not spoken as the way we would read it, rather like a breathing sound.

We showed yesterday how the word represents breath and revelation.

Hebrew scribes say this is a word picture of the part of God (his omnipresence) joining the brokenness of humanity. It indicates multiplication because the breath of God (spirit) multiplies what is in our lives. The breath of God takes the natural and makes it


The change in the name is linked to increase, expansion and blessing.

When the spirit of God breathes into you then it also makes sense that you can ‘breathe out God’ and pour out God with your life, your words, your kindness, your actions.

What I love most about this letter ‘AH’ – or ‘hey’ – is that it is the fifth letter of the Hebrew alphabet and the number five all the way through the bible represents grace.

So imagine if we accessed the power we have within us to ‘rename’ people according to the spirit of God who breathed within them at the very beginning of creation!

Every human being upon the planet was made in the image of God. Their divine potential lies within them. God then uses each of us to

breathe life, hope and possibility into this potential.

What an incredible honour and opportunity we have even today. Just the Spirit’s ‘AH’ on the end of a name changes everything. Can you

start to imagine some of the people in your world with an ‘AH’ on the end of their name? (not literally but figuratively). Can you begin to speak life and hope into people today who have spoken negativity, inadequacy and fear over themselves?

“A vision we give to others of who and what they could become has power when it echoes what the spirit has already spoken into their souls.” Larry Crabb

Maybe this breath gets to impact a random stranger, maybe it’s your child, your spouse, your co-worker, your friend.

What are you breathing out? God Himself the creator of the universe breathed his ‘ruach’ breath into us at creation.

What can we breathe over an unawakened world?

Today I think the boldest thing we could do is come alongside another; breathe

‘AH’ into their spirit; and echo what the Spirit is already doing within them. Let

us know what divine connections take place as you practice ‘breathing out God’.

Have fun! Its addictive!

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