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Day 4 (36 days until the end of the year) and how to choose whether to step forward or stand still.

I have done this particular 40 days of Boldness journey 3 times. 2011, 2015, 2018, 2019 and now. However this time feels weightier. And fresher. And in real-time as opposed to just re-writing previous thoughts again.

So each day I do sense the need to wait until the moment comes that is unique to the Boldness revelation for that particular day. So for my Southern Hemisphere Sisterhood it’s coming late in your day! And for our girls here in the Northern Hemisphere you will wake to these thoughts!

And I couldn’t figure out why I felt to labour on this point about putting yourself in the shoes of the five daughters who had just seen something in the law that changed not only their life, but the entire course of history.

But some of you did it. And you even text me asking More about them. Wondering their ages. Curious to know which one would have been an eight on the Enneagram.

I love that. Because you are immersing yourself in the narrative.

The moment I want you to place yourself in today is when they might have first seen something like a loophole in the Law, but they needed to give it more TIME to drill down on, study, wait on, hide in their heart and not reveal too early.

Sometimes we think boldness is moving, when it is actually pausing. Breathing. Taking that adrenal rushing through your body and calming down.

It could feel like your whole world shifted but it’s still not the right time to move forward.

I call these moments ‘Mary’ moments when the Holy Spirit spoke to her and she ‘hid these things in her heart’ (Luke 2:19)

There is so much right now that I am hiding in my heart, that I don’t even know if I have the words to articulate on paper or even whisper in prayer.

Even in worhip today, environments like that give me permission to surrender the journey again to Jesus.

It’s like I have seen something that I can’t unsee, and everything has shifted, but nothing has changed!

So you wait, you watch, you look at the promise given with a fresh perspective and now everything you hear sounds different, but you know you have not quite got the details enough to reveal it yet to anyone, or even articulate it to your Father in Heaven.

And again, that’s ok!

So open your eyes to the ‘loophole in the law’ like these Jewish girls found. For you it could be a ‘loophole in the way things have been tracking’ and it doesn’t have to be how you enter a new season, but rather than rush forward, wait. Hold it in your heart because you haven’t quite got the words.

I hope that this makes sense. Let me know what you are holding.

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