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Day 17 - Step Into Your Entrusted Spheres

As I hear about this Bold Journey for you all, I can’t help but highlight some of you who have been called very specifically to the arena of marketplace, education, science, media, political and community influence.

I want to encourage you today that if boldness means starting something new, or in a new location, space or arena, it is worth it when God calls your name and invites you into that space!

I want to celebrate your resourcefulness and the resourcefulness of the daughters of Z.

For these women to come forward would have taken not only boldness and confidence as well as planning and intentionality in what they were going to present, but some scholars say they may have also been women who were resourced enough to have studied and would have held a good reputation in the community.

Over on IG today I teach about one of the most stunning business women in the Bible (and there was many of them)

From the life of Lydia a business women we learn that here are strategies that God will give some of you women who are called to be resourceful that will reach whole communities and entire cities and nations…and others who will reach your neighbor and your co-worker.


Because Lydia went on her own journey as an influential woman – the kingdom expanded. So do not ever fell ‘unspiritual’ when God calls you to be resourceful, wealthy and influential!

And can I also highlight at this point that as a women of influence Lydia had all her family saved and baptized. So do not think that if it is God’s will for you to pursue business and influence that your family will have to suffer. If she had not relocated for business opportunities she never would have met Paul and she never would have heard the gospel and her family may not have got saved and baptized!

In summary, here are the lessons from her life:

* You may have been broken hearted but not beaten,

* You are not afraid to move entire lifestyles to live true to the convictions of your heart

* You are becoming savvy and resourceful

* Some of you may be called to influence whole communities and entire nations, but it begins with one obedient step.

* Any time a woman connects people, God encounters can happen

Maybe part of this journey is to step into some of these arenas? If so we would love to know where so that we can be praying for you! What is your passion? How can we empower you in this spheres?

With you in the new terrain

Vanessa xx

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