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Day 16 - You have the ability to think 'solution'

Day Sixteen She Lives Bold

What do you think about yourself when you wake in the morning? Do you ever stop and listen to your thinking ‘speak’ (the talk in your mind)? Unless we take a moment to identify it, we will never be able to change what needs to be corrected.

In the mornings I am studying the practice of contemplative prayer where you can literally bring all your thoughts and emotions that you notice when you stop long enough and come into your own body, and not assign them any judgement. Bring them surrendered into the presence of God. It is incredible what our brains have going on up there. And what our body stores of all that processing. When you still and silence yourself you get to recognise some of these patterns.

The daughters of Z had so much going on as they ‘came forward’ for what was rightfully theirs. I do not know if their steps were fast, strong and determined, or weak, vulnerable and slow.

What I do know is that even in their walking they carried who they were with them. They had a status attached to who they were as women, they had pressure to stay small and restrained, they had inadequacies to overcome, and they had religious mindsets to break. But somewhere in that story they had also thought long and hard enough about this challenge that they found a ‘loophole in the law’

Romans 12:2 2Don't copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will know what God wants you to do, and you will know how good and pleasing and perfect his will really is.

Processing what we carry in a holistic way determines so much of our ability to come forward. Drawing back is the opposite of breaking rank and moving forward. Even just step by step. What are you thinking about yourself? What do you say to yourself as you walk out of that exam or that job interview or when someone gives you a compliment? What emotion is giving you a message?

Do not limit your thinking to how other people have done something or even your own experiences. Tap into the mind of Christ & get God’s thoughts on your life, your family, your career, your business and your world!

These girls would have wrestled this out.

First of all they did not let cultural boundaries restrict them.The culture said they were women. They did not let that define their access.

That’s a belief system!

But they did let legal boundaries open up wider spaces for them.

They studied the law until they found a loophole that actually opened up great opportunity for them.

This is a solution-focused mindset, and a learning posture.

There are two more ways to be intentional with your thinking beyond only taking it to Jesus in contemplative prayer...

1) Guard your mind – from small people with small thinking who will shrink you.

2) Expose your mind – to big people with big thinking who will stretch you.

Entrepreneurs – get God’s mind for your business

Mothers – get God’s mind for raising your children

Friend – get God’s thinking on how to respond to a crisis situation when you are needed.

Be bold and stay audacious. Intentionally break rank in your believing, and break rank into that realm of thinking solution!

It does not happen overnight but with mindfulness and intention, and who knows the realm of ‘loopholes’ that the Lord wants to open to you!

In the new terrain with you

Vanessa x

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