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How taking the time to clarify your values could change your life.

I do not know if my life has ever been so full. Or so weighted with an urgency to make this time count.

It has been a season of much rhythm and much responsibility and a deepening of our immediate family relationship.

It is a gift and a challenge all at once.

Time feels more precious than ever and so what we do with our hours counts. So each area of my life and time has been up for review in this season. Where I serve, what I read, where I invest.

So when it comes to volunteering extra time into a national movement I am apart of, I do not do this lightly. Amidst my full time job, parenting, marriage and desperately missing some friends, church life, community life, writing, coaching and endeavouring some form of exercise and sabbath, I did not know how this would work to come alongside and invest voluntarily at certain levels of of the organistaion.

So I wanted to share the exercise I took on again in my exploration of this opportunity and see if it’s helpful to you, as you navigate now or soon what to take on and what to leave behind in the season just ahead of you. (Trust me, you want to do that re-entry into a new rhythm well and with intention)

What I did was ask the question ‘will serving here in this movement and my yes to the requests align with the my core values that determine how I want to live my life?’

And so I reviewed my values again.

I asked myself the questions.

I did the work.

and I found the answer was YES

It aligns perfectly with how I want to honour some very specific values in my life of gathering, risky intimacy and collective solution.

It felt powerful to have a framework to ask those questions of where to invest ME.

Today I celebrated a tenth session with an incredible client oversees.

Amidst covid and life, children, and the chaos she had come to recognize that she was resisting this values clarification exercise for some reason.

Because deep down I sense, she knew that once clarified her values would determine some pretty big destiny defining decisions. So it feels weighty.

That is what she expressed as she did it. the weightiness, the truth, the fire, the calling, the groundedness of the results as she spoke the sentences out aloud.

I want everyone to experience the sacredness of that moment. It felt like holy ground.

So the Values Clarification is still up on my website as a free gift if you go back to and sign up to the email. It will automatically come to your inbox!

Just before I take it down and replace it with some work on resilience, I didn’t want you to miss out.

And If you have done the exercise I would LOVE to hear some values that you have given expression to!

I feel so strongly about the exercise as well that I will be doing a FB live where I can help you clarify these if you are stuck. You can message in when I am on the live with any questions on Monday Night 7:30pm EST from my FB page vanessahoyes.con.

Be sure to like the page and sign up for notifications.

Happy Value Clarifying

I can promise you the process is worth it!!!

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