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An Update from Me Over Here at

Hi everyone

The end of April has come and it has certainly felt like a blur, and a pause, and a deep processing of global pain and heartache and opportunity all wrapped up in one huge mystery.

I have been quiet over here on the blog and instead showed up again on IG and FB with a deep sense that our social media platforms were an important vehicle of life, hope and help.

So the video above was on IGTV and got some great feedback on processing the emotions of this season.

Secondary emotions being expressed or behaviours that are unhealthy patterns of coping may just be an indicator that you need to identify the deeper core emotions.

Even right now there is a word called Zoom Fatigue that explains the energy drain that online meetings can have on you. But if we all go around saying that we have zoom fatigue, we are actually not taking the time to address what the deeper needs may be.

What are you angry about?

What are you sad about? What are you afraid of?

Maybe you need to do some of this processing therapeutically, or you feel stuck.

I wanted to let you know I have carved out just two one hour spaces in my week for some group coaching. Because some of what we are processing is collective enough to be said out aloud in a safe space with some of your friends!

So head over to and look for the Group Coaching package.

Grab some friends and email me their names. Then each can pay individually for just one part of the hour long session so you divide the cost between you all.

I can send individual PayPal links to you each. And I will also still personalize a next steps plan for you after our call.

There is something so poweful about exploring this in community.

So much love to you in this season

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