A tool that connects your mind, your emotions and your body. Because integration matters!

Anxiety is literally a word picture of a mind being pulled apart.

And there you have a picture of dis-integration and dualistic thinking.

I made a decision for my anxious laden mental health this weekend, to take some time off social media, so I could do things that intentionally reintegrate my mental and emotional health, and not feed into the fear that was pulling me apart.

It was a strong and costly choice that could thwart momentum where I was experiencing it, and make me feel disconnected on forums that I love connecting.

You can call it Soul Care. But I call it Soul Stewardship.

I will share more this coming Friday about what led me to this decision.

On Mondays I coach clients from around the world, and also connect with women across our nation. And right now there is such a huge need to GUARD what you expose yourself to, so that you can steward your own soul.

This understanding only comes when you begin to use some tools that help you understand what your body is carrying and what your mind is processing.

I want to remind you again that, as I have led probably over one hundred people in groups or as individuals in these two practices the past few months, NOTHING anchors you like contemplation.

This Welcoming Practise/Prayer/Posture has unlocked so much in me, my clients, my team and my friends these past few months.