A short interruption to the everyday blog for those who have been enquiring about 2021 coaching

I am so blown away by the response to this daily journey together ushering in a new decade

Journeys involve movement, action, stops and starts, detours, delays, and trips into the unknown.

I have come to realise that our journeys need, at various times, someone to come alongside and co-journ with us, who has the right skills, gifts and grace to help us identify what is road blocking our journey, and help us access solution to move forward.

In this past year of coaching people, I see have seen YOU, the woman who knows there is more inside of her, who needs a safe space to dream again, who recognises the need to value herself enough that she would invest trust, time and treasure into her transformation.

This is what I have to offer a select number of people each month - a safe place to evolve. I have carved out time and capacity to work with 10 clients only at a time. Our work together can range from therapeutic, to coaching, to leadership development, or anything that you see needful that launches you into your new season.

I have five new packages to offer you for 2021 that are much more focussed on outcomes . I will still be doing my general coaching work also with individuals and couples.

Click here https://www.vanessahoyes.com/2021-coaching

So these packages will actually not stay at this price for long, but between now and December 31st you can purchase five sessions for $500. I have found five sessions give such great tools that will help you go on and implement so many of these strategies into your everyday life.

If you book and pay this week, then you will secure FIVE coaching sessions with me that you can use anytime over the next three months, and I am taking my 2021 bookings now.

1. Go to www.vanessahoyes.com and scroll to Coaching packages and look through the five options. Focus, Freedom, Find Your Fire, Faith Formation and Future You.

2. Then see the courses and packages but click on the first one called 'coaching package'

3. Click 'sign up now' and ignore the other programs and just keep scrolling down to bottom of the page and click 'buy now' which will take you over to Paypal