A Prophetic Word about 2020 That Confirms Your Bold Journey

This morning Andrew and I will reveal the Banner (Prophetic Scripture and word that we seek God for every year for our local church).

At midday today we will be on Facebook for Resurgent sharing that if you want to join us live.

I am mindful As I was preparing it again for this morning that is a word locally for the people and the girls on this journey in our world. And it is a stunning word, so needful for a Montreal Miracle to ever occur. It’s specific to our region and a confirmation of why God called us, even when it’s been so challenging at times for our family. We KNOW it was Him who called us.

So this word is also deeply personal to us too. And I can’t wait to share it...

But I also read this morning a word from a credible woman in Australia with a prophetic ministry whom I trust has heard a word for the nations ....

.... and WOW girls .... it is speaking RIGHT to our Bold Journey!

So read it here ... I have copied it from her website and I will put the link below. Let me know in the comments what this means to you ..

”This morning I had an encounter with the Lord and He spoke “Major deliverance is going to take place in the crossover into 2020 – it’s deliverance for the new decade”

I then heard the Lord say “Can you hear My ROAR OF REDEFINITION”

The Lord showed me that there have been many things that have “defined” the people of God in 2019 that is not part of their inheritance in Christ and the promises of God for their life. There has been such a battle for so many in 2019, it has been one of the hardest years for SO many. The Lord showed me that many have felt “redefined” by the things that have come against them. Many look in the mirror and see someone different to who was standing there at the beginning of 2019. Many have felt negatively ‘redefined’ by the battle of 2019.