Être dans la lune

We chased warmth and sunshine this Christmas vacation. We drove three days all the way down to Florida. We have never done that before at that time of year. We stayed in an apartment with a full kitchen and it had some good space for our family of six. But that also meant you don‘t entirely 'switch off' as a mum with lots to still do to feed your family etc each day.

I knew that everything I was doing on my vacation was making me more and more frustrated that I was barely getting any down time, but being a nine on the Enneagram, I was not saying it. I had actually not said a word to any of them about it. I thought I was hiding it well.

But then one night talking about the trip, my teenager said to me, it is like you have been, as we say in French "Être dans la lune". I asked her what that means. She said it means 'to be in the moon'. In English we would say 'to have your head in the clouds'.

I asked them why they think that. They began telling me all the times on our vacation that I would switch off, that they would 'lose me to the clouds'. They shared with me what I look like, sound like and what I do. You can imagine, again with teens, this turned into some pretty hilarious mimicking of their mother when her head is in the clouds!!

Être dans la lune

I could not believe what they had noticed.

I do it quite regularly. Now I have an expression for it.