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Download your free Mindfulness Practice PDF here

Truth be told— we all say that we would love to live more intentionally, get more disciplined, or develop new habits…But many of us get frustrated with ourselves and just don't do it.


One of the ways I have noticed habits stick, is when we first schedule them in our calendar.


So go ahead, get out your calendar and set aside 30 minutes to do the Monthly Reflection. And whilst you are there, schedule it for next month too.


I promise you, the time will benefit you in ways you did not imagine. You will gain a sense of clarity over that issue that really bothered you last month. The conversation. The unfinished task. The nudge you ignored. 


This practice centers you, aligns you and is part of the way you can find your fire again.Go ahead! I have added the link here for the YouTube video and free PDF

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Do you feel like time is moving so fast right now? I do.
But one practice that has helped me slow down enough to ask the right questions of the previous 30 days of my month is something I learnt years ago, but was reminded of during Covid by a friend who engages in some great spiritual rhythms.

Download your free Monthly Mindfulness Practice PDF 

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