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How I can understand my level of grief in pregnancy loss?

Register for this helpful webinar that will give you language and understanding around the grief experienced in your pregnancy loss


Our Story of Pregnancy Loss


My name is Vanessa Hoyes, I am married to Andrew and we have four daughters. Indianna Hope, Avalon Jade, Eden Cleopatra and Sahara Justice. I have a Bachelors Degree in Counselling, I am an ordained minister and a practicing Life Coach. I have worked with people in care, coaching and consulting spaces for 25 years. And my greatest passion is seeing people live integrated, whole lives, connecting parts of their life story in a way that moves them forward.

For Andrew and I and our daughters, this journey of pregnancy loss became very personal to us years ago, in March 2009. I was 22 weeks pregnant with our fourth baby and we found out that she had died in my womb. So on March 23rd, 2009 we gave birth to a baby girl. We named her Anastasia Zoe

Today, our immediate family, our extended family and our friends use the International Day of Awareness for Pregnancy Loss (October 15) to acknowledge her life, and still we all find that there are layers to this loss that we journey through.

I have worked with hundreds of individuals, couples and families who have lost children during pregnancy. I do that as a Pastor, Friend and Life Coach, specializing in Grief Coaching for Pregnancy Loss.


Thousands of people experience the pain of pregnancy loss each year and have no way of expressing the deep sense of grief they feel around this loss. They have questions; they often suffer in their mental health with lack of professional help post loss; and more than anything they feel alone in their pain.

This could be you right now!

I want you to know, straight up... it does get better and the pain of your loss integrates into your life in ways that you could possibly not imagine right now. But, I promise, this journey is not something you have to do alone.

Stories of loss, either of yours, someone you love, or someone you have witnessed losing their babies, needs to be honoured, acknowledged, processed and healed.

Acknowledge is defined as:
To take notice of
To make known

In this webinar I will introduce you to a Grief and Loss Scale that allows you to understand how to give language to the degree of loss you are experiencing and how it is impacting your day-to-day life.

This is an invitation to people of all ages, from all places, and all walks of life, male or female, families or individuals or groups.

- Participate in a short 5 minute questionnaire that assesses the degree to which your pregnancy loss is causing active grief
- Look at your difficulty coping
- Assess if there is a level of psychological or emotional support that you need
- Find language for this loss
- Develop a practice to reduce the anxiety around this loss

Don't miss this free 15 minute training video, pre-recorded and available on demand each time that you would like to assess help in the process of how this loss is impacting your life.

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