It is an honour to launch this course. I believe that you will benefit greatly from the tools in this guided pathway through grief and loss for pregnancy loss.

Pregnancy Loss impacts one in four people across the world and has even further reach when you think about family and friends who are also impacted by the pain.

There is a way through friend!

I promise!

The Known Program was written by Vanessa, who has experienced the reality of pregnancy loss and has worked with people for over 20 years in this area.

She has a Bachelors Degree in Counselling, and is a Pastor, Therapeutic Life Coach.

This program can be hosted for individuals or groups. It is four sessions of videos, approximately 4 modules each session with a downloadable workbook full of practical tools for processing loss.

You will move through this content and come through holding space for this type of loss in new ways.

1. Now - In session one we identify what is life like for you in your now, your normal? What story do you tell about your loss? What is your reproductive story that you are believing and how does this trauma impact you currently?

2. Notice - Here we take some time in this session to notice various impacts of this type of loss. Emotionally, relationally, mentally, physically, spiritually and more.

3. Name - Session Three we look at the power of naming ceremonies, naming situations and the honour of naming dates and naming the loss.

4. New - Session Four is where we begin to construct new ways of processing and integrating loss and and find rhythms which honour the new pathway forward.