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Book a free 30 minutes Discovery Call to see how Life Coaching can help you

Book a free 30 minutes Discovery Call to see how Life Coaching can help you
Individual Life Coaching Discovery Call
30 min

Meet Vanessa

Coach . Consultant . Communicator . Collaborator

Hi! My name is Vanessa Hoyes. I love people and I am all about seeing YOU find your fire. I am here to help you find your 'peace', find your 'passion', find your 'purpose', find your 'people' or find your 'plan'...

I have 25 years of experience leading in the not-for-profit sector, church and community, alongside an entrepreneur husband. I am a trained Life Coach to individuals, teams & organizations. I am an Ordained Minister. I hold a Bachelors Degree in counseling. I communicate as authentically one-to-one as I do to the thousands.

I am already anticipating a deeply transformative connection with you and the world that you represent.

From My Blog

Equipped & Empowered

Providing a safe place to evolve

You will catch glimpses of my newfound love for Life Coaching, Spiritual Formation and creating safe spaces to evolve.
This is where you will hear me speak into leadership, life, trauma, healing, wholeness, grief, honour, transformation and the journey we navigate along the way.


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In collaboration with Gather WomenHerInfluence podcast is Inviting women of faith across the globe to rise in her purpose and influence her world.