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More than often in coaching sessions we take one or more of these resources and work from these to clarify the next steps you need to grow.

Consider these my gift to you. 
And as you download your free e-book, keep in mind that we can be over-resourced more than ever, but often what we are is under-activated.

Take these documents and let them invite you towards action. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions. 

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Monthly Mindfulness

About this e-Book

Truth be told— we all say that we would love to live more intentionally, get more disciplined, or develop new habits…But many of us get frustrated with ourselves and just don't do it.


One of the ways I have noticed habits stick, is when we first schedule them in our calendar.


So go ahead, get out your calendar and set aside 30 minutes to do the Monthly Reflection. And whilst you are there, schedule it for next month too.


I promise you, the time will benefit you in ways you did not imagine. You will gain a sense of clarity over that issue that really bothered you last month. The conversation. The unfinished task. The nudge you ignored. 


This practice centres you, aligns you and is part of the way you can find your fire again.Go ahead! I have added the link here for the YouTube video and free PDF

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Word of the Year

About this e-Book

The downloadable guide is going to help you clarify a word that can be spoken over a new year or a new season.

Print it out.

Place copies everywhere as you do the work of noticing and attending.

This word will shape and invite you into a world of possibility.

I love watching you explore this practice. It’s an honour to co-journey into these places with you 

Get this e-book for free!

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Welcome Practice

About this e-Book

Emotions were never designed to be our master, but they are our messengers. And often that message is stored up in our body. Understanding the message an emotion is communication requires somatic connection (to our bodies) and this practice can assist in that connection almost immediately.

I use it regularly in sessions with coaching clients all over the world, from every sphere of life and they get immediate results of deeper connection to their inner world.

The welcoming practice is a form of meditation that can be used at times when we are being overwhelmed by an emotion or thought in the midst of our daily activities. It can be used to connect to our bodies, mind or emotions when we are too busy and need to pause.


It is a form of “consent on the go” that can be used for as little as thirty seconds in the midst of daily life.

Download you this free resource and actively engage this practice for immediate results in decreased anxiety, deeper breathing, 


Get this e-book for free!

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Grief and Loss

About this e-Book

Thousands of people experience the pain of pregnancy loss each year and have no way of expressing the deep sense of grief they feel around this loss. They have questions; they often suffer in their mental health with lack of professional help post loss; and more than anything they feel alone in their pain.

This could be you right now!

I want you to know, straight up... it does get better and the pain of your loss integrates into your life in ways that you could possibly not imagine right now. But, I promise, this journey is not something you have to do alone.

This movement that we have pioneered is called The Known Movement because we believe that these stories of loss, either of yours, someone you love, or someone you have witnessed losing their babies, needs to be honoured, acknowledged, processed and healed.

Acknowledge is defined as:

  • To take notice of

  • To make known

There are so many diverse reasons for you being here right now on this page; and we acknowledge the breadth of those reasons. The Known Movement supports people who have experienced loss connected to pregnancy in many varied ways

It could be …

  • miscarriage

  • failed IVF

  • stillbirth

  • induced abortion

  • relinquishment for adoption

  • neonatal death, and/or all the hundreds of others ways one in four people experience loss like this.

For some of you this will become resource that you return to again and again as the layers are peeled back. For others you may show this to people as a way of helping them understand your journey. Others will want to help people on their journey.

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Watch this video about "Known"


"I ended up in tears writing this but I think In a good way as I’m finally in a place where I can tell people about my baby and I just want to thank you for giving me the space to do this

I wanted to thank you for your support and for giving me the space to process everything over these past few months

'In early October of 2004 I went into labour at just shy of 24 weeks. What I thought were just normal stomach cramps were actually the start of my labour. By the time I reached the hospital I was already in established labour and nearly ready to deliver. My precious baby girl Lily was born at 24 weeks and 3 days on October 4th. She weighed in at a tiny 14oz and was perfect in every way. They told us from the very beginning that Lily was really premature and her lungs were a big issue for her. On day 3 in the early hours we got told our baby girls lungs weren’t improving and that she was in pain. We didn’t want that for her and they gave us our options. We decided  on October 7th at 13:43 that Lily had had enough and we chose to turn off her life support. With her in my arms and reading her a story of I love you to the moon and back we had our first cuddles and a few minutes later she took her last breath. 

Those moments I’ll never forget but my baby girl has made me strong and the mum I am today. I know one day we’ll be reunited again in eternity and for now I’ll make sure her memory lives on and that she is known"

Click here for video and e-book 



About this e-Book

Let me help you think vision if you do not naturally have an orientation to time that is in the future:

Try answering one or more of these questions (quite instinctively without over-analyzing)

What do you want more of in your life?

What would having more of that look like?

If a miracle occurred and tomorrow you woke up without the challenge that you are facing today, what would be the first sigh it is gone?

When you talk the day that you are looking forward to most what do you feel?

Which smell gives you a sense of hope?

What item in your home brings to something you are hoping for in your future?

What do you notice you say ‘I wonder if ….. is possible?’ about.

This is how visioneering is learnt.

Try one of these and tell me what you saw, felt or noticed!

In this e-book I help you curate your own vision board that makes the most sense to you and awakens HOPE for your future.


Get this e-book for free!

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