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There is such a fine line between soul care/pastoral care/leadership and friendship that we all walk leading our teams. This global crisis has placed even more challenge in this area, and you can hear and feel the toll on people. It is impossible to meet all the needs of your staff, and it is not your responsibility. Your team members have friends, doctors, family, a therapist, maybe a naturopath and other specialists. Each seeing a part of their life. And rightly so. That is their specialty with which these experts can serve them best. In these places, quite often a person's leadership call may not be considered in all these contexts. They need someone to help them make sense of their whole story in context of where they are planted, who they are and who they lead. This becomes my role.

What I offer

My best strengths can serve four unique groups on your team:

The Soul Care or Growth Coaching of Female Pastor or Pastors Wife

This specialized ministry is for women in lead positions, exec roles or key team. I also work with women whose husband pastors (and therefore finds herself in ministry).

The Soul Care or Growth Coaching of Staff or Teams

These can be single sessions or regularly scheduled sessions with male or female, groups or Individuals. The focus here is on what the Lead Pastors discern is needed to help their team.

Marriage Care of Ministry Couples

These sessions focus on the relationship of a couple in ministry and the unique challenges to them. This could also include coaching around dynamics like leading together and role demarcation etc.

Soul Care Consulting

Assisting in HR reviews, team transitions, team culture, wellness plans or review of care model within the church

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A Safe Place to Grow

Needing to outsource the specializing of your teams' soul care does not mean that you don’t care. It doesn’t even mean you couldn’t do it, or don’t want to do it. What it means is that you care enough about the well being of your team that you are willing to invest in a neutral, safe space for them to process the emotional and psychological challenges that come with leading.

For example, unprocessed pain that could be affecting them personally and inter-personally, is also impacting their ability to lead at their optimum, and therefore generally challenges the capacity of your staff and teams to continue serving others. Maybe it is mediation required to understand inter-personal conflict or teaching your teams how to best work with diverse leadership personalities, especially in stress-inducing seasons.

Transitions take their toll on us all. We underestimate the wear and tear on the soul of the teams when:

  • People leave

  • Staff positions change

  • Transitions aren’t handled well

  • Roles have conflicted interests

  • Personal core values do not align

  • Ministry life is stressful

  • Strengths are not recognized

  • Pain is unprocessed

You can consider Soul Care & Growth Coaching complimentary to the HR process by bringing personal & interpersonal support to key people on your staff.

Three Programs To Choose From

Here is an overview of the type of programs that are available.

Soul Care Support for Leaders

For one-to-one support of team members

With my degree in counselling, experience and license as a Naturotherapist, I can give therapeutic support to any person on your staff or team that you refer me to. This does not need to be contracted, and can be a case-by-case need.

One Year Growth Coaching Program

To individuals or Teams, Males or Females

You can choose from the below program called "The Healthy House"; or we can design a program suitable for you and your team.

The Soul Care

Weekly Group Care & Coaching for Females in Leadership

This membership based support is online and a small group by invitation only to females in leadership. You can place any of your key women on this collective. Instead of needing to outsource per hour, you can invest in a monthly membership fee to access weekly group coaching, and monthly one-to-one sessions.

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