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Live Bold

To leave your whole entire world behind and move your family of six to the other side of the planet takes courage and conviction, boldness and belief. Vanessa is more than qualified to speak on this area of her life and, in the process, hopes to challenge others (not to move countries necessarily) to dare greatly. Enroll now to explore 40 days of Boldness with us

I will forever be thankful that I have connected with Vanessa Hoyes. While going through the season of learning to be a new mum but also negotiating full time work and ministry, Vanessa's voice and council have been invaluable. She offered me grounded and practical advice while also helping me get my head out of the classic "this is too hard" basket. Through having her insight, I have been encouraged to step boldly into taking on new challenges, enlarging my project base and also have full confidence in myself being a great mum at the same time. I have great family time, great productive work time and I am excited for the future!

- Helen Ratcliffe 
Adults and Families Pastor, C7 Scotland

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I don’t take your investment lightly. I will steward our time with the outmost honour of who you are. It will be my absolute privilege to dive into a program with you.