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Join over 1000 women in a global sisterhood who have engaged in the 21 day 'She Lives Bold
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Thanks for submitting! I am so excited to see what BOLD STEPS come from this season.
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Learn to grow confident in your God-given voice, ask for what you believe is yours as promise, overcome imposter syndrone and step boldly into places beyond what you have never dreamt possible.

By embracing your best strengths and showing up, even when you're shaking in your shoes.ven if you've been knocked back three times, you're going to learn how to go again.


You know that still small voice that says 'there is more'/'this is not right'/'you belong in that room'?

It's time to respond to that whisper and step forward.

Over the last 25 years, I have worked with hundreds of women around the world. From Australia, to Bali, to Europe, Singapore, North America and Poland, and no matter where she lives on the planet, every woman I know is confronted, at some point in her life, with lies that want to silence, intimidate, repress, limit, shame, exhaust or make her second guess her value and voice.

Have you experienced this? 

Others of you, are in certain arenas now and experience what is currently called 'imposter syndrome'. And its LIMITING YOUR EFFECTIVENESS because its messing with your confidence.

What you need is to set aside intentional, mindset shifting, time to re-write the narratives you have been speaking over yourself.

And this change does not happen over night.

Forming new habits of thinking, speaking and believing take MINIMUM 21 days!

That is why I broke She Lives Bold teaching into 21 bite-sized days of teaching you from the scriptures how to essentially prove to yourself and others, that you deserve what God has promised you.

First of all, do you even know what He has promised you?
Do you have a clear vision of this future?

Don't worry, we cover that!

Second, do you know the specific lies that you have been believing? And the practical ways to replace them with a new truth?

We cover this also in She Lives Bold.

Is it the way you feel in your body?
We address this also.

And friend, I wrote this devotional because 11 years ago our family experienced the most devastating loss of Andrew's Father and in that was a deep betrayal, a loss of a major inheritance, a near church split, a near breakdown and a daily attempt to silence my voice in leadership spaces because I was female.

Out from this crucible I decided to study intensely what 'inheritance' meant and where my true inheritance lay.

It completely revolutionized my belief system, I emerged out of that fire stronger, fitter, more clarified, bolder than ever in who I was and where I was going.

And then trust me friend, you have to learn new layers of this revelation very new level of your leadership, your growing or your season.

I am right back in the trenches of this growth again.
Even releasing this writing.

I get you.

But I have also grown a resilience now that has seen me say yes to adventures, trust God with new levels of intimacy, and keep pursuing high, bold dreams... and watching them happen right before my very eyes.

So She Lives Bold is written with YOU and what you carry in mind.

Its the step-by-step journey you will go on.

Essentially I get to track with you for 21 days and become like a mid-wife to these dreams, and tell you, YOU CAN DO IT, you DO BELONG THERE, and so much more.

But that's not all

Because I am a huge believer that too many women are completely over-resourced and under-activated I am releasing a special discount on my coaching packages ONLY for a limited time and a limited amount of clients who want to journey through LIVE BOLD in a much more personally contextualized way.

She Lives Bold
is Launching Soon

Are you tired of standing at the edge of your promised land and watching other people around you access their place in the story?


Boldness is not a personality type. 

It is a choice.

This season has required unprecedented boldness from so many of us. Our own personal transition has required it also. 

Boldness can open up doors, alter generational patters, and even change the mind of God (really!)

This is an invitation to a 21 day transformation.


We will study scripture that teaches into the gift and grace on our feminine strength.

We will gain revelation about our unique design, body, soul & spirit.

We will learn about the Holy Chutzpah that writes these daughters into the redemptive story of God.

We will pray, fast and move into this new terrain together.

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Echoing back to another what the Holy Spirit has already spoken to them is one of the most powerful ways courage can be poured into someone.

The sacred reminder can alter everything for a person.

In She Lives Bold, I teach how the ‘ah’ at the end of a name breathes God in and out when spoken.

Because sometimes in our lives there are seasons where the song we have been taught to sing needs to be sung over us instead!

And leader friends … you are not immune from seasons when the song feels silent! I see you and I see the pressure on you to declare the banner and say the things and lead with strength. And the hunger to grow is crucial. But sometimes it’s growth deeper before it can be growth stronger.

Right now you need to know there are safe places for your soul to process another lockdown or another roadblock or the pace that’s picking up.

Make sure you have those people too ♥️


And grab them for Group Coaching through She Lives Bold. I am making room for 5 Coaching Groups between November - February.


Get 5 of your friends and 5 coaching sessions will only cost you $99 in total each!

This will be the best investment you make into your future this year.

Everything can shift in 21 days.

Dreams can awaken.

Boldness can grow.

Plans can be executed.

The future of generations can be altered.

Join the waitlist for my very first ever publication which will be available in print and e-book.



A brilliant compliment will be to purchase 5 coaching sessions to support your journey. There is no better way to grow in boldness than to be coached through it. 

I am reserving 5 of my one-to-one coaching time slots for those who would like to invest in intentional growth through She Lives Bold. And I made a huge discount on the 5 session coaching package for you. 

Or join a group coaching cohort to meet weekly - before the 21 days, three times during the 21 days and once to debrief.

Join in from anywhere.

You are welcome!


When you purchase She Lives Bold you get automatic access to the Vision Boarding session online for 2023.

Have you ever designed a dream board or vision board and then said ‘what do I do next with this?

What is on that board can transform your beliefs and your behaviours, if you so choose!

I can’t wait to walk you through the process and set you up with all that you need to grow in 2023.

Bundle Package

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Join over 1000 women in a global sisterhood who have engaged in the 21 day 'She Lives Bold
Join over 1000 women in a global sisterhood who have engaged in the 21 day 'She Lives Bold
Join over 1000 women in a global sisterhood who have engaged in the 21 day 'She Lives Bold
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