“I have known Vanessa for over 18 years. Her leadership and love for people is contagious. Throughout the years I have know her, she has mentored and coached me through various seasons. She was pivotal in helping me find my passion to communicate and mentor others. She speaks, leads and writes with passion and conviction and I couldn’t recommend her more.” 


Andi Andrew

Author and speaker

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Frequently asked questions

What will Life Coaching do for me?

We live in an over resourced and under activated world right now. Life Coaching can clarify the best next steps and bold moves that this world needs from YOU! B. BELIEFS will be shaped O. OWNERSHIP will be encouraged
L. LIMITATIONS will be assessed
D. DAILY actions will be defined

Sometimes you just can’t do this without the investment of your time, your talent and your treasure.

Why don’t you consider engaging in some coaching for your entry into a new season? Ready to get started

Why do I need a Life Coach?

There are seasons in your life when you feel stuck. I believe growth happens best within the context of personal investment and accountability measures that will see evolve in a safe space.
This is where I can bring my genius to be a gift to your growth. I bring a few other dynamics to the table that could be exactly what you need:

1. I have twenty-five years of experience helping people grow. I am more passionate than ever about seeing people find their fire and not waste a minute of their life. There is nothing more frustrating than living unintentionally. I know! I have been there in many different seasons of my life.

2. When you invest intentionally with your time and your money, you value what you have sown into. I would not take that investment into YOU lightly. It would be an honour to audit your life with you, and see you run so confidently into the next season of your life.

3. I come with a world of INCREDIBLE relationships. People that are spread across all spheres of influence. And one of my favourite things to do is make connections. So as we look at your next steps we also get to look at who else you may need to resource yourself with. Your already established tribe of people are most probably also incredible, but there is always room for more connection. Destiny is often on the other side of those ‘Hellos’

4. And lastly, the coaching calls with me, will add layers to any curriculum that you have access to because not only will be have a whole lot of FUN together, but we will also create a personalized action plan to set you up for success afterwards. Ready to get started

How do the Coaching calls happen?

We schedule a convenient time for both parties. We complete by FaceTime, Phonecall or Skype/Zoom. These are not recorded.

If I pay for my package and decide that I don’t want to complete the program, how do I get my money back?

My regular hourly rate for life coaching is between $150 and $199. So each of these packages come with added benefits. However if we have had one hour together and you have feel like this is not benefitting you, or your financial situation changes, then I will refund what you have paid MINUS the hours that we have already had.

(Please note that my heart is never to see anyone go into debt for this service. So I strongly encourage each person to think about and plan out the investment before they commit to the process. Some moments will feel like it is seed sowing for your future, but do it with wisdom)

If we already have the next coaching call booked and you would like to back out of the contract I will need at least one week's notice or I will need to invoice you for the session that we had scheduled at the regular rate of $199/hour.

How will I know if this is for me?

Coaching relationships come together for moments and seasons. You will know as you read through this document if this is your TIME. If this is the right time and I am the right person to come alongside you for this program.
Trust your gut, your heart and your head.

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