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About Vanessa

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Hi! My name is Vanessa Hoyes. I am a lover of Jesus and His Church, and my mission is to see her leaders healthy and whole. If the soul of a leader is healthy, then the soul the people they lead will also grow healthier.  If the soul of your church is healthy, then the body connected will also be healthy and prosper.

Through my coaching, writing, resourcing and speaking, I aim to provide a safe place for leaders and teams to become healthy and whole.

My strengths include compassionate counselling, intuitive and learned leadership, collaborative connecting of mission to people, preaching, writing and transformative communication skills. I am an Enneagram Type Nine, who is skilled in mediation and peace making practices. I have a Synergistic leadership voice, and carry a spiritual gift of discernment and exhortation.  I am passionate about seeing people and teams experience transformation and growth as whole people.

​I have 25 years of experience leading in the not-for-profit sector, church and community, alongside a church planter and entrepreneur husband. I am a trained Life Coach to individuals, teams & organizations. I am an Ordained Minister. I hold a Bachelors Degree in Counselling and Naturotherapy. 

I communicate as authentically one-to-one as I do to the thousands and I am passionate about raising and releasing the female voice and value across the earth.

I am already anticipating a deeply transformative connection with you and the world that you represent.

Meet The Team

One of my favourite messages of all time …. HOME!

A word study on Psalm 92 Planted & Flourishing. Full message on Resurgent YouTube.

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This summer of 2022 our family has relocated to Florida USA. We are so happy to be in the USA and back near the ocean after 8 years. Andrew's passion and focus is on church planting and helping leaders and churches with their multiplication strategy. My focus is to continue coaching and consulting to churches around the USA and globally online. My passion for communicating to the feminine heart is stronger than ever and there are books and resources I am committed to releasing in this next season. All the while our greatest desire is to create a home where our family will flourish. 

In local church life my focus is always on women and the soul care of teams. In the wider church context I consult to leaders and teams around the world on the strategic, sustainable practices that can both care for a persons soul and see a church grow . These two can go hand in hand. As of 2022, I now hold a license in Quebec as a Naturotherapist (General Therapy and Natural Wellness) as well.


Andrew and I have been married for 22 years. We met and married in 10 months and are continually committed to the glory of growing as two individuals with such diverse gift and grace, yielding that to the covenant of this sacred union that forms two into becoming one. And let's be honest to every couple who has led together in any way, shape or form.. marriage and ministry together can have great strength and great challenge. And we are always up for the journey that following Jesus brings.

It is also what we love helping others through because these tender intersections of marriage, ministry, family, church can all have complexities that no other vocation experiences. It is always where the fruit of our labour is most effective.

And then there are our prize, our daughters, our heroes. We love them with our whole hearts. Indianna Hope is a contemplative soul who sees things beyond her age and experience. She discerns people and situations with compassion and wisdom. Avalon Jade all about the people she does life with. Travel is not about a place, but about the people. She is confident in all different types of rooms and she loves fiercely. Eden Cleopatra will tell you exactly how it is with clarity and boldness. She is fun and witty and a truthteller who loves the beach. Sahara Justice is our rainbow baby who was our gift after losing Anastasia Zoe. She lights up a room and fill it with energy and words. She is our last and most indulged :)

They are daughters of pioneers and that comes with a cost and comes with a blessing. We are so proud of the way they have navigated life in three cities and about to navigate another move. They are our true delight and we love them deeply.


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Andi Andrew

“I have known Vanessa for over 18 years. Her leadership and love for people is contagious. Throughout the years I have know her, she has mentored and coached me through various seasons. She was pivotal in helping me find my passion to communicate and mentor others. She speaks, leads and writes with passion and conviction and I couldn’t recommend her more.” 


Béatrice Beauséjour

“Vanessa Hoyes taught me to see and embrace the GIFT of femininity. It's not a hindrance to my calling but rather a part of my makeup that serves it. There is power and purpose in it”

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Cathie Ostapchuk

“Vanessa offers words of encouragement and inspiration that will find their way into the centre of your heart. With her insightful and engaging communication style, Vanessa will ignite the hidden embers of destiny in you that have been waiting to burn bright. Whether through personal coaching for one, or speaking to one-thousand, her message of courage and living your passion flows out of a strong, feminine and fierce, leadership presence. She represents everything that is real and authentic and has developed leaders world-wide that are now changing their worlds because of her influence.


Jen Gilpin

“Vanessa Hoyes is one of the most capable, intentional and directive women I know. She has the innate ability to capture the essence of popular culture and translate it into prescriptive life skills. Her ability with language and expression are second to none, both in the written word and in the public arena. People lives are richer for her addition.”

In Australia, I previously worked as Co-Senior Pastor of Generation Church, one of Australia's fastest growing churches from 2005 - 2014. Together, we planted and revitalised churches in Queensland, Northern NSW, Australia; Bali, Indonesia & Chicago, USA. In that same decade of my thirties, we pioneered the Soul Centre Gold Coast, a Food Bank and Resource Organization with a mission to help marginalized communities on the Gold Coast, becoming one of the largest contributors in this area in just six years, with social and governmental recognition. 

I also launched a Pregnancy Loss Ministry locally and internationally after the loss of our fourth baby girl Anastasia Zoe. This ministry Known, supports women, men and families who have been impacted by pregnancy loss in all its forms.
In 2015 we relocated our family to French speaking Quebec and pioneered Resurgent Church in Montreal. We were planted there for 7 years amongst the most unreached people group to the gospel in North America.  We loved our season there, the people became like family. After these last 7 years we recognized the need for a church there to be anchored to a family of churches who could sustain the work in the province. So in the summer of 2022 we transitioned the leadership of our church to Global Heart for the generations to come. It was our honour to pioneer a life-giving work that shaped us in ways we would never have imagined. 

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