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Hi I am Vanessa, a Life and Leadership Coach.


Ever since I was young I had a passion to work with people. 


'How are you really?' was always my opening line at every encounter. No matter whether it was a loud party or a cafe with a stranger.


Most days if you entered my house, I would forget to offer you a drink because I would be fixated on connecting in a way that I have probably sat you down on my couch, and I would be cross-legged, with a blanket on my lap, leaning in to the very latest update about your life.

My value that drives the majority of my behaviour is CONNECTION ... that type of connection that feels safe, energizing and like you belong.

You will see the most energy come from me when I am communicating and coaching communicators!

When I am collaborating with like-minded leaders to find solution and create synergy with their teams, I feel most alive.

When I can connect you to a wider circle of new friends who will celebrate you, I feel most purposeful.

When I know you are have a sphere of influence that is impacted by your leadership, it makes me want to lean in even more to know how you really are.

When I know you want to grow, are willing to evolve and can be as honest with yourself that you know how, then I am all in!

I have been leading and loving people for 25 yers, so I SEE YOU AND WHAT YOU CARRY.

And if you pioneered ANYTHING then I understand the price that you have paid.

Leaders are my favourite people on the planet and if anything I offer can be a safe place for you to show up with no filters and process all the things, then it would be a joy and an honour. 


Giving you permission to be human, finding what lights you up, being courageous enough to explore what is not working for you, and then collaborating on best next steps is a favourite thing to do with leaders.

Helping you come home to yourself, is my greatest JOY.

I am an Ordained Minister. I hold a Bachelors Degree in Counselling and Naturotherapy, I love the new Health Coaching space I am invited to in people's world, and I am certified as an CLC Coach and in process for credentialing with International Coaching Federation.

Leader, you really need someone like me in your corner!

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