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My name is Vanessa Hoyes. I am loving my 40s!


I have been married twenty years to Andrew and he is my soul mate. We are raising four incredible daughters. The eldest three are in their teens (what??)
Indianna Hope, Avalon Jade, Eden Cleopatra & Sahara Justice.

I was born and raised in Sydney, Australia.

Fun facts:

  • I was a European Handball Champion and represented my state.

  • I am five foot but am still great at Basketball

  • I wish I could be a vegan (one day, long story that includes marriage vows!)

  • I can’t sing

  • My father is a Kiwi (go the All Blacks)

  • I am a 9 on the Enneagram (see the diversion of fun facts I went on)

The adventure continues ...

When we were married a few years, with a sixteen-month-old and a six-day old, we packed our belongings in our car and moved to Queensland (twelve hours away but probably double that with two babies .. imagine breastfeeding on the side of the road with another baby screaming at you .. oh and a husband that would have liked to not stop even once 😘.... did I say yet that he is an 8 on the Enneagram?)

We pioneered a local church there (at the same time as having two more babies) and that church grew to become three thriving locations and two church plants overseas (Bali and Chicago).

Then just before we turned 40 and my girls started high school, we felt this really clear direction to give this incredible community of people to new leadership and pioneer again overseas. The place we felt called to was Montreal, Quebec. We had to google where it was. Long story shortened, it literally reawakened every dream inside of our hearts for all things French and Canadian in one place! How did we not know of her beforehand?

So we sold all our belongings and this time the adventure meant we packed a suitcase each and relocated a family of six to a city where we did not know a single person! This felt exciting and at the same time triggered so much grief (like losing a baby kind of grief, which I will process with you and show you how to navigate and grow from on this journey together)

We pioneered Resurgent Church and over the last few years, this community has grown to over one thousand people and two locations and so much more to come together.

I have always loved leading in the local church. I found all my calling and courage in a healthy environment of a life-giving church. I will continue as a Pastor for all of my days there.

However, there has been a deep invitation for me to take my gift/genius/grace zone and use it for the good of the world I have been entrusted with.

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Counselling. I am a trained Life Coach. My strengths are in collaborating as a Synergist. I have a passion to see women find their fire, to see teams thrive and ultimately create a safe place for humans to evolve.

Cause we believe that right?

You were not born to just stay the same! Your invitation is into growth and potential and breakthrough and life and future and hope.

This is my season. To serve you in this way as you invest into your personal promise and potential.
It will be an honour and a joy!


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