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Meet Vanessa

Vanessa Hoyes



Hi! My name is Vanessa Hoyes. I love people and I am all about seeing your SOUL cared for. Your soul may need to find peace, find passion, find purpose, find people or find a plan for its care. Often, all that you need is the right place to find this soul care. Through my coaching, writing, resourcing and speaking, I aim to provide this place for you.

I have 25 years of experience leading in the not-for-profit sector, church and community, alongside an entrepreneur husband. I am a trained Life Coach to individuals, teams & organizations. I am an Ordained Minister. I hold a Bachelors Degree in counseling. I communicate as authentically one-to-one as I do to the thousands.

I am already anticipating a deeply transformative connection with you and the world that you represent.

Where are you experiencing the most overwhelm?
Let's connect and see where I can help you.

Book a free 30 minutes Discovery Call to see how Life Coaching can help you

Book a free 30 minutes Discovery Call to see how Life Coaching can help you
Individual Life Coaching Discovery Call
30 min
Monthly Mindfulness Meeting
How to build a monthly mindfulness practice that can RADICALLY change how you show up to your one sacred life (and learn how to do more of the things you want to do each month) Open invitation to people of all ages, from all places, and all walks of life

Discover My Online Courses

This is my on-demand course library, practice at your own pace

From My Blog

Providing a safe place to evolve

You will catch glimpses here of my everyday life and leadership, as well as free resources that I use in Life Coaching, Spiritual Formation and Leadership Consulting.

This is where you will hear me speak into leadership, life, trauma, healing, wholeness, grief, honour, transformation and the journey we navigate along the way.

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